The Beauty of Virginia Stacked Stone

Oct 26, 2022Design Ideas, Faux Stone

We all know that there is something so beautiful and enthralling about stacked stone. Virginia Stacked Stone in particular creates an attractive appearance for any remodeling or redesign applications. It is definitely becoming one of the up and coming trends in home design especially when adding texture to a vertical surface or wall. However, when choosing what material to use, using real stones can be both expensive and difficult to install. So why not use faux stones? 


Faux stones are easier to install and look just as good as the real thing. It is both cost effective and easily tailored to fit any project or job. URESTONE in particular is also durable and weather resistant making it similar to the real thing. If you are thinking about remodeling with a stacked stone design in mind, why not choose the beauty of URESTONE Virginia Stacked Stone?


What is Virginia Stacked Stone?

URESTONE Virginia Stacked Stone are faux stone panels that have deep grout lines, while still displaying the stacked stone aesthetic. This is the main difference between traditional stacked stone options and Virginia Stacked Stone. They are also cast from genuine individual stones into silicone molds, then hand-painted to capture every detail, giving the natural stone finish you’ve always dreamed of. With 10 different color options that are based on actual stone hues, you have multiple choices to custom fit your project.

Here are some examples of Virginia Stacked Stone being used to remodel both interior and exterior projects.


Building Exterior


Themed Interior


Display Signs


Benefits of Faux Stone:

With our Urestone Faux Stone Panels here are the benefits you get with our Virginia Stacked Stone.


Ease of Installation

  • Simply add adhesives to the back of the panel and mount it with screws onto any surface. It is as simple as that. No special bricklayer skills needed!


  • With Urestone’s innovative Dual Layer Composite system, our faux stone panels are tough and is the most authentic replication of a stone panel in both appearance and texture available on the market.

Style and Color Customization

  • Faux stone panels come in many different styles, colors, and textures. This opens up the possibilities to your design ideas and makes it possible to tailor fit your particular style.


  • Traditional real stone requires a professional mason to tailor cut and repair and type of damages. With faux stone, they typically don’t need any kind of maintenance and if any repairs need to be done, it can be done sectionally or panel by panel.

Cost Effective

  • Since no specialized mason or contractors are needed, you save money on overall costs as well as time it takes to install.


  • If any adjustments need to be done with the faux panels, they can easily be cut and tailored with any wood cutting tool. This makes it possible to bend and shape your panels to any corners or rounded edges.


If you have any questions about Virginia Stacked Stone or want more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 314-524-2040 or contact us via our website! If you are looking to see the quality of our faux stones in person, feel free to order a sample here.




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