URESTONE provides lightweight, quality, and realism that lasts. With a Dual Layer Composite system it adds strength and durability you won’t find anywhere else, Not to mention we also have the largest panels on the market.



URESTONE is based on an innovative Dual Layer Composite system. The surface layer is a durable impact-resistant plastic layer that is also used to produce automotive car bumpers. This layer is followed by a low-density foam system which provides thickness and insulation value.

The end result is a system that is tough and is the most authentic replication of stone, brick and wood panels in both appearance and texture available on the market today. Breathtakingly beautiful!


Our panels go the extra step that our competitors don’t. We apply a Durathane High Impact Plastic layer that adds strength and durability you won’t find anywhere else. In the weed wacker test we tested a competitor’s faux stone panel next to one of our URESTONE Professional Series. The results speak for themselves. URESTONE provides lightweight, quality, and realism that lasts. Not to mention we also have the largest panels on the market. Which means quicker and easier installation for you. Click here to learn more about URESTONE Professional Series.


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Easy Installation

      • Unlike real stone (or cultured stone) which requires several stages and specialized stone mason’s labor to install, URESTONE Panels install easily and quickly with screws and/or adhesives. The only tools required are a drill (used as a screwdriver) and any wood type saw for trimming to exact fit. Anyone that knows how to use these simple tools can easily install several hundred square feet in a day

Durability / Strength

      • Don’t let the weight fool you! This lightweight panel (approximately 36 lbs.) is so strong and durable, due to the unique Dual-Layer composite, that even a weed trimmer will not damage the surface. The solid tough impact-resistant plastic layer is resistant to damage, unlike competitive synthetic faux stone systems that are more easily dented and scratched.

        URESTONE can also be installed below grade! With the moisture resistance, even backfilling is ok. Our panels are the strongest surface in the industry

Large Panel Size

      • Size does matter— the URESTONE panels are a professional 4ft x 8ft size (32 sq ft. each) which dramatically saves labor and installation time while providing fewer seams and grout lines. Installing one of our panels is equal to installing over 200 individual real or cast stones. And consider the time to place each stone versus one panel, a few screws, and done! URESTONE Professional Panels are the largest synthetic panel in the Industry

Stone Realism

      • The realism in our panels is achieved by casting our molds from natural quarried stones. What separates URESTONE from competitive synthetic samples is the quality of the detail from our molds and the more dramatic depth of the stone pattern. We begin with a true craftsman’s approach to design

Coloring System

      • Our unique coloring system replicates the realism of stone. It is based on our multiple-step coloring process that provides a long term performance and appearance.  Our color schemes will enhance any application, whether it is on the interior and exterior of your home or building. 

Interlocking Design

      • The URESTONE panels have incorporated an “interlocking” design that allows fast installations and have been engineered to have the seams blend together thus, eliminating the visibility of any vertical seams—when properly installed. The interlocking system virtually eliminates all vertical seams 

Insulation Value

      • The URESTONE panels provide up to R 4.5 insulation value for every 1″ of thickness. The panels range in thickness—due to the topical formation of the stones—from 1″ to 2″ of thickness. Certified ‘Green’ by The United States Building Council 


      • The URESTONE system allows carpenters or homeowners to install the panels quickly, without the need for a more time consuming and expensive masonry process. This provides significant cost savings to the overall project.


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