Our Urestone products are lightweight, durable, realistic, customizable, efficient to install and cost effective. With a wide variety of different textures and styles to choose from, find the perfect design for your brand.

Ledgestone GM

Stone Series

Our Stone Series is available in 4 x 8′ panels, 32 sq ft of material per panel that can be put up in a matter of minutes.

Used Brick-OT

Brick Series

Our Brick Series        (4 x 8′) can give you the urban feel you are looking for on any interior or exterior project.

Reclaimed Wood AD

Wood Series

Our Faux Wood Series (4 x 8′) is molded from real wood and is perfect for achieving that rustic, natural look.

URESTONE Wainscot Ledgestone - Fieldstone

Wainscot Series

The Wainscot Series panels come in  around 42 inches high, the panels are made with a built-in ledger.

URESTONE Lite Series

URESTONE Lite 2x4' Series

Our smaller panels are perfectly sized for residential and smaller commercial projects.

Stucco Clad

Stucco Clad Series

The perfect alternative to typical EFIS applications. Designed to compliment stone, brick, and CMU exterior designs that are equally suitable for new construction and remodels.

Accent Corners-Pilasters

Columns & Pilasters

Use the URESTONE System to create pilasters, columns, and accent corners— customized in widths between 12″ and 48″ and heights of 4′-8′.



With our 3D cutting capabilities, we can create virtually any shape and sized element needed to go with your building designs.

Kraggy Rock

Natural Rock Textures

Create true-to-life rock features with our polyurethane natural rock panels. Perfect for use in signage, commercial decorating, animal exhibits, or theatrical applications.


Trim & Accessories

Whether you want a stone to perfectly frame your window, R-panel trim made for metal buildings or a metal trim that is discreet, we have all of the options.

URESTONE Custom Fabrication

Custom Fabrication

Our custom capabilities marries the lightweight and durable solutions provided by URESTONE with our ability to factory fabricate a multitude of large architectural elements.

Try a Sample

Before you buy, see what all the fuss is about.

Each sample is made to order, measures 11″ x 11″, and shows both the durable nature of our dual-layer system, as well as the hand-painted finish we are known for.

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