Our custom capabilities set us apart from the competition. The URESTONE system uniquely combines lightweight and durable solutions with the ability to factory fabricate large architectural elements. Prefabricated elements ensure a fast and economical installation and more importantly quality appearance and long term performance.

Factory Mitered Corners

While each pattern of URESTONE has standard corners, factory fabricated corners are available to fit specific site requirements. Customized corners ensure natural and realistic transitions.

Ledgestone Accent Corners

Accent Corners & Pilasters

The URESTONE system is available in pilasters and accent corners customizable in widths between 12″ and 48″ and heights of 4′ – 8′ intervals.

Column Wraps

The URESTONE system is available in standard internal dimensions of 8″, 16″, and 24″ widths. Column dimensions outside the standard sizes can be fabricated to meet your needs.

Stucco Clad

The Stucco Clad panel is based on a textured panel system that can be customized in size, pattern, and color for any project.


Perfect for adding character and depth to your buildings facade. Cornices are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and include customized corners, column/pilaster tops and colors.


The Stucco Clad system provides a clean, modern appearance to the upper mansard.

The ideal alternative for EIFS, metal siding or ACM—simple, fast and easy to install.

Custom Entrances

A custom entrance can be designed around a variety of URESTONE systmes and other accessories ranging from columns, door headers, full stone panels, cornices, and more!

Custom Trim

We offer a wide array of shapes and colors of metal trim options to complete your project and match your design elements.

Custom Color Matches

URESTONE panels are known for the realistic look created by our multi-layered painting process. This process can be used to match existing brick, stone, or wood for your project.

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