Since Replications Unlimited is back-integrated, our sister company produces the majority of our raw materials giving us extreme versatility in what we can offer.

About Replications Unlimited

We are innovators in the composite and coating technology industry. Our principles previously owned a high-performance coatings and plastic company for 20 years, with five different patents in plastic composite— designed to excel in durability and performance.
Replications Unlimited is back-integrated, having our sister company produce most of the raw materials used in the production of URESTONE provides Replications with coatings and polymers specifically designed for our proprietary composite. In addition to that, the URESTONE System is made right here in the USA.
As a result of careful design and development, the URESTONE product line offers significant advantages over competing stone systems in terms of size, design configurations, accessories, and overall appearance—making us the industry leader in all of these areas.

History & Evolution


20-Year History in the Coatings & Plastic Composite Industy

Developed and provided composite systems and coating technology to most major theme parks in the United States (Disney, Epcot, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, and Sea World).

Our patented systems provided these parks with new technology—creating architectural elements, ancient themes, building facades, underwater coral, water park rides and features, as well as trees and rock formations.

Casino Architectural Elements


Megaresort Building Boom in Las Vegas

The 1990s saw a Megaresort building boom in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fueled by elaborately designed, large-scale architectural elements denoting all manner of design and inspiration.

We provided unlimited design options to the hotel architects via computer-cut elements, coated with a plastic spray composite (curing in 15 seconds), and topped with architectural finishes—producing monumental effects on the new Casinos. This system was used to great effect at the MGM Grand, Luxor Hotel & Casino, Treasure Island, The Venetian, the Bellagio Hotel & Casio to name a few.

Artificial Rock & Tree Fabrications


A Better System for Natural Features

Natural features like rocks and trees were traditionally produced out of concrete or fiberglass systems. These systems can be heavy and expensive to maintain.

What to do?

We developed a patented system from polyurethane plastic and coating technology which provides a new method of replicating these types of rock and tree formations. This system makes perfect replications, is lightweight, and is virtually maintenance-free.


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