URESTONE can be used in a wide variety of different applications and markets. See how URESTONE can help you achieve your vision in your specific market.



Our URESTONE Panel System is a quick and efficient way to add instant curb appeal to convenience stores to car washes.

Market-Metal Building

Metal Buildings

Add instant curb appeal to your metal and post-frame buildings with URESTONE. Installing our panels have never been easier!



Let us help you with our URESTONE panels by making it a cost effective option to remodel your retail store and drive more sales.



Reflect your brand and give your restaurant the face lift it deserves.


Hospitality & Hotels

Our panels are the largest on the market, so we cover the space you want quickly and efficiently with very little labor costs. Now is the time to make your hotel stand out and be a place people want to keep coming back to.

Market-Modular Building

Modular Buildings

Improve the aesthetic appeal of your modular building quickly and efficiently with URESTONE panels!

Market-Set Design

Studios & Set Design

Your studio space will be seen by millions of people. Why not make a lasting impression without all the headache with our URESTONE Panels.


Outdoor Kitchen

Create your dream outdoor kitchen space with URESTONE. Make any grill or counterspace pop out with realistic faux brick or stone to match your equally beautiful yard.


Residential Interior

Redesign and remodel your interior living space with URESTONE panels. Professional home renovation doesn’t have to be a hassle. With simple, lightweight and interlocking panels, personalizing your space is now easier than ever!  


Residential Exterior

Make a stunning first impression with URESTONE for the exterior of your home. As a durable, lightweight and weatherproof material, we are confident that our URESTONE panels can help make remodeling the outside of your house easy and cost-effective while turning your house into a home.

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