The Right Way to Remodel Retail

Nov 23, 2022Commercial, Design Ideas, Faux Brick, Faux Stone, Faux Wood

With the rise of ecommerce and online shopping, you may wonder if retail spaces are still necessary. Well, even with the boom of the digital age, retail stores have proven to still be an essential part of the buying process. Almost 80% of all purchases still happen in person. A physical location is increasingly becoming more important than ever now that people have returned to shopping in person. With the steady rise of in-person shopping, customers now have higher expectations than ever before when they come in person to shop.

How to capitalize on the in-person retail market

In order to properly capitalize on your in-person market, you need to provide the perfect environment for your purchasing customers. Nobody likes a retail store that looks run-down or looks off-putting. That will scare your customers and they are less likely to make purchases. The perfect space simply creates a better buying experience as well as a more comfortable place for your customers. Now how exactly do you create a space that fits your brand image?


Remodeling with Urestone

The best and right way to remodel your retail space is through faux panels. With Urestone, you are able to create the perfect brick, stone or wood look for your retail space without the hassle of dealing with traditional materials. Not only does working with faux panels save you monetary costs on materials, it also saves you labor costs from not having to hire any specialized contractor. The best part about Urestone faux panels is that it only takes a fraction of the time to install which means less downtime for your store and more time bringing customers in the door.


Top 7 Reasons to use Faux Panels for Retail Remodeling 


– Fast Installation Time 

– Lightweight 

– High Quality Realism 

– Low cost Alternative to Traditional Materials 

– Customizable

– Less Labor Cost

– Less Store Remodeling Downtime


By remodeling and investing in the appearance of your retail store, it has been proven to help with customer retention and increases the purchasing rate of in-person customers. With Urestone faux panels, you not only cut down on your cost of remodeling, but also the time it takes to renovate your space. Through creating a space that is perfect for your customers, you not only invest in your biggest asset, but also reap the rewards of customer brand loyalty in the future.  


If you are interested in our URESTONE panels, feel free to learn more about them here. They are made in the USA and are shipped around the United States and Canada, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or call us at 314-524-2040 and let us help you create the perfect retail space! If you would like a sample to see its durability and realism in person feel free to order here



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