The use of adhesive should not be used directly over applications that are using building wrap or waterproofing sheets.

All surface areas must be clean, dry and free of oily or loose material for optimum results.
Adhesive is typically used in exterior applications in attaching the panels to concrete and concrete wall block applications.

It can also be used for attaching the URESTONE panels directly to insulation boards, construction boards (plywood, OSB, cement board) and existing EFIS systems when building wraps are not necessary. The use of adhesive can reduce the amount of screws in the range of 25—35 %.

Adhesive is optional for interior applications and will also reduce the amount of screws required by 35—50%.
The use of adhesive will also reduce the expansion / contraction of the system in exterior applications.



Our primary adhesive recommendation is a polyurethane construction adhesive such as PL Polyurethane Adhesive.

We do not recommend non polyurethane construction adhesives or similar general purpose adhesives.
We have also found that “Great Stuff”—a polyurethane foam in a can, has provided good results and is cost effective. It is good for addressing surfaces with irregular profiles. However, contact Replications Unlimited for specific approval and instructions of how to use it.




The amount of required adhesive is more critical for exterior applications than interior applications due to wind uplift issues and expansion / contraction issues. Apply a minimum 3/8” bead to the backside of the panel and apply the adhesive similar to figure 5.3 in sections that will allow water to channel behind the panel and to eliminate being trapped.




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