Project Profile:

Marina Boat Storage




  • Location: Port Huron, Michigan
  • Construction Type: Remodeling
  • Size: Various


In this Marina Boat Storage project, this metal building was just a bare bones building that seemed to fade in the background. It needed to attract more customers and convince them it just wasn’t another warehouse to store your boats in.


From project start to completion, our in-house design team helped conjure up a plan and drafted a concept on how to transform the building. By incorporating URESTONE Clean brick panels into the metal building, we are able to create a pop of color that makes the storage building more charming for its users. With the addition of pilasters, the flat sides of the building were given a sense of depth to make for a more interesting design.

Marina Boat Storage After

In Progress:

Marina Boat Storage 1
Marina Boat Storage 2
Marina Boat Storage 3
Marina Boat Storage 4


Wainscot Ledgestone dp2730
Ledgestone Accent Corner dp2732

From Concept to Reality

Marina Boat Storage After

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