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Transform Metal Buildings Fast

Our pre-engineered, lightweight cladding system allows unlimited design versatility on metal buildings. We offer standard and made to order products including wainscot, pilasters and columns. Check out our metal brochure for more design ideas.

  • Fast and economical install
  • Interlocking 4x8' panels Largest on the market
  • Completly customizable colors textures and sizes
  • Extremely Durable
  • 5-7 R value
  • We can work with you to sell our products to your customers provide literature, draw quotes at distributor pricing, custom engineered pilasters that allow you to have the quickest easiest installation. 



Urestone is not like your typical faux stone. Not only are the panels way larger which allows for less seems, more economical install and extremely fast easy installation,

Our stone is also made differently. We use an innovative hard top coat that other faux stone does not have. Watch how easily competitors panels are shredded by the the weedwacker. 

URESTONE shows no effect and even breaks off a small piece of the weedwhacker , like real stone would do. 

If you think of faux stone as cheap and not strong enough to withstand commercial wear and tear, you are using the wrong faux stone. Fill out form to request literature and samples. 




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Metal Building gallery

  • Fieldstone- Ledgestone Corners and Wainscot
  • Tongue and Groove Wood
  • HW-49 Harmony Ridge Road virginia stacked stone IMG 4130
  • Metal Building LEdgestone
  • Ledgestone
  • Metal Building - Rustic Gray
  • Metal Building-Weathered Wood and Ledgestone
  • Mocha Ledgestone
  • Metal building- Ledgestone
  • tongue and groove wood
  • Desert Tan- Ledgestone
  • Ledgestone- Mountain Country
  • P1166584
  • Wainscot _mocha
  • Slate Gray- Ledgestone
  • Reclaimed Wood Aged Driftwood
  • Slate Gray- Ledgestone
  • Reclaimed Wood-Aged Driftwood
  • Virginia Stacked Stone wainscot
  • 0604181553 HDR (2)
  • 0604181553 HDR (2)
  • reclaimed wood
  • Ledgestone wainscot
  • Ledgestone- Mountain country
  • Ledgestone and Weathered Wood
  • metalbuilding facade
  • Ledgestone Wainscot-Browns Canyon
  • Metal Building- Ledgestone
  • Slate Gray-Ledgestone
  • Ledgestone- Mountain Country
  • Ledgestone Wainscont-Fieldstone
  • HW-49 Harmony Ridge Road virginia stacked stone IMG 4128
  • Clean Brick- Custom Color
  • Ledgestone- Wainscot
  • kreugeredit-2
  • Metal Building - wainscot
  • Mountain Country- Ledgestone
  • gasstation-3
  • Rustic Gray- Wainscot
  • Metal Building Clean Brick
  • DSC 7431
  • Ledgestone Mountain country

metal building install feed store

Feed Store 

This metall building post frame building used our&nbspclick here to read more about their remodel. 
restaurant impossible profile

Wainscot and Weathered wood Install

Restaurant Impossible used our used brick panels to remodel a restaurant click here to read more about their remodel. 
metal building stone wainscot

Harbor Freight Custom Corners and Pilasters

Custom columns and pilasters click here to read more about their remodel. 
sonic ledgestone remodel

Clean Brick Install

This Marina in michigan used our clean brick panels to add curb appeal quickly to a very large metal building click here to read about their remodel. 

Click Below to See FULL Installation Instructions

Metal Building Install - Quick Overview


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